RAINBOWS AND BLOSSOM by our guest poet

RAINBOWS AND BLOSSOM I crossed a carpet of blossom To be with my darling from heaven I walked thru gardens of praise To be in your presence my King The bliss of moments like this You gave me rainbows to kiss What joy! What rapture is this?! No wonder my broken heart sings! Just to … Continue reading RAINBOWS AND BLOSSOM by our guest poet



The beautiful paradox She's beautiful She captivates me powerfully My whole being aches for her Yet when I have her I find that she is very much like me Fully flawed, adorable but cracked Yet still I love her Her beautiful face Her body that demands response Her mind that ensures she remains Adored but … Continue reading SHE


There would never be a sunrise without her A sunset devoid of her No more soft dark curls, oiled, perfumed and bundled up There is unimagined softness in those eyes Brown chasms a man might lose himself in Imagine her ebony skin touching mine Smoothest purity, made for love The way Cupid blest her lips … Continue reading Her

AFTERGLOW                       by guest poet A R Richards 

In the afterglow,  Lovers hand in hand,  See night falling,  Fingers entwine,  Skin aglow, the rhythm of love  Plays out on cool satin sheets,  A thousand thousand throws of passion,  Tears and joy and lost innocence mingle...  Will the love endure for a dewy eyed sunrise,  Or fly away in the afterglow as birds flee … Continue reading AFTERGLOW                       by guest poet A R Richards