Love Troubles 

These tears will at no time fade Till you make it right  Not ever will the memories vanish Before you set it straight    Her soul is troubled  Shattered is her sentiment  Assuming she is an illusion  Dreamlike, you suppose?    Do you ever mind to listen?  Do you care to hearken? And notice her … Continue reading Love Troubles 


AFTERGLOW                       by guest poet A R Richards 

In the afterglow,  Lovers hand in hand,  See night falling,  Fingers entwine,  Skin aglow, the rhythm of love  Plays out on cool satin sheets,  A thousand thousand throws of passion,  Tears and joy and lost innocence mingle...  Will the love endure for a dewy eyed sunrise,  Or fly away in the afterglow as birds flee … Continue reading AFTERGLOW                       by guest poet A R Richards