Turn Around a Bad Day

Did today turn out horrible for you? Did you miss the train, arrived late at work and your boss yelled at you? Or you just got up and already feel exasperated even when the day hardly even started?

Do you really need to beat yourself up and spoil your mood thus ruining your beautiful day? We all have bad days sometimes and I think how you handle the day as it pans out contributes to “how your day turns out”.

Life is too short to spend days mad or annoyed for nothing! Get a life and turn around the bad day into your day! I will share with you what I do to turn around a bad day, and it always sets me right back on track.

1. Sing and dance to your favorite song

Everyone has one, I’m sure, not one person hates music completely. I know you have a number one song or piece of music, the one you kept playing for ages even when no one else likes it. So grab your earphones, put on your favorite music and warble along, or else turn the channel a bit louder and go with the flow. Dance to your song. Even if you can’t sing to save your life, you will feel better, it is after all your favorite song, so it should speak to you and restore your mood. In fact it’s been shown that when we sing our brains release endorphins which make us feel good .

2. Exercise

Home exercises help me not only for fitness’ sake but also for my relaxation. When you know you couldn’t handle anything else you can look for an app that’s based on any type of exercise that suits you. This can guide you into finding your inner peace.

3. Pray

The most important part to start your day. Talk to God, tell him what’s unsettling you. Confess your sins, what you feel you are not doing right. It won’t cost you a dime, even 60 seconds of your time is enough. You share your problems with God and you will feel better getting negativity off your chest. The Bible is full of verses encouraging us to pray!! What’s the use of having a Father in heaven if we don’t talk to Him.

4. Make the little things count,, count your blessings and name them one by one

You day probably got ruined just by some jerk who bumped into you, or you failed your exams, you ended a relationship, your cat died or whatever bad experience you had. The good news is not every aspect of your life is ruined. Think of the things that are actually going well. Now that’s your motivation! Fill that gap and be grateful for every little thing that is set right in your life.

5. Married people… just make love

A little piece of advice my Granpa gave me once went something like this:

‘Science tells us that orgasms’… (come again?!, I said… he’s very direct in such matters…and doesn’t spare my blushes)

‘YES that’s what I said… ORGASMS… we’re all equipped with a ‘good day’ device designed to boost self esteem, raise our immunity levels, lower our stress levels, help us sleep and improve bonding with our spouses and have all manner of other benefits…it’s nature’s sure-fire way of putting a smile on anyone’s face! The Lord made you and your spouse sexual beings, designed to please each other, so you’d better know what it’s for and how it all works!’

So, if you don’t have a spouse presently… there are ways around this (phone your best friend if you have no idea what I’m talking about!) A great way to end your day!!

31st July was US National Orgasm Day and if that doesn’t leave you breathless then nothing will!

Life is only good if you make the most of it. Learn to be happy, learn to contain yourself and appreciate life more, you’re a long time dead, if one has food and clothing that is enough to be contented.

I hope this post will help you recover your day in a matter of minutes.


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