Birthday Cravings

Last time I checked I was 15, young and reckless and couldn’t precisely figure out what to do in almost everything. This time I’m checking myself, 6 years later, I’m so grown! It’s crazy how these years go by so fast as in a blink. I’m exactly 4 weeks away from my 22nd birthday.

Save the date, surprise a girlfriend, 29 August it is!

The last 21 years I haven’t really been into birthdays. I was quite laid-back towards birthday ideas, there was no pride to be found in celebrating my birthday. This year, however, I’m overly excited, as a young adult, blowing out one more candle added to my life. After 21, maybe there should be a handsome young beefy Firefighter to standby as the cake is lit up? He can tend MY flames too, if he’s free… but seriously…


I’m planning on taking myself out to have a glass of red wine (or maybe plenty) and enjoy a delicious vanilla cake with a few friends. I couldn’t think of being calm in 30 days’ time, I feel I should celebrate my growth!

My excitement went so far that I have compiled a 5 item list of cravings, things I desire as gifts on my birthday:


I love pictures, I love nature, I love taking pictures! I have been caught up with photography so much that I have been taking pictures with my blurry phone. I would use a good quality camera to my advantage in becoming the best photographer in town X.

I read a lot, reading speaks to me, it carries me away to other worlds and reading gives me strength. The more I read, the happier I am, the wittier I become and most importantly, the more fluent I get in both speaking and writing. A good book will save the day!


My all-time craving. They became a part of me AGES ago when I first had a bite. Chili bites are my bae, and in addition to books, they too will save the day. A book printed upon chili bite paper would make me like Alice in Wonderland or Ezekiel the Prophet…. I could read the book, then eat it!


No explanations needed. A good girl smells good. A good girl needs to have a good, sweet scented perfume from her friends or even her very close friend…mmhmm…got you gossiping with yourselves there, didn’t I!


A would earnestly appreciate ANOTHER handbag to add to my collection. My hands are open to RECEIVE. I am earnest about handbags, they are important to me….


Another literary reference….work this one out and you join me for cake!

I feel that this year, Twiiti turning 22, is going to be the best birthday I ever had in ages!

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Let’s count down together…


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