Winter Troubles


The past 2 months I have been so stuck-up, lazing around in my own comfort zone. I have been indolent, lazy, sluggish and so inactive. Winter is not exactly a walk in the park for me, for I fear winter every year because I tend to shy away from keeping fit and healthy. Although I can blame winter just to avoid beating myself up, I know I let the couch potato mentality overtake the active Twiiti that I know.

Most people in the more southerly or northerly latitudes become less physically active and gain weight with decreasing day length but for some this can become bothersome as around 2-5% of people suffer with S. A. D or Seasonal Affective Disorder which may need expert help (the science bit).

I don’t know about you, but I consume a lot and uncontrollably when I approach winter. I guess it’s the comforting, soothing weather that gets me in that mood. Most of the time my mind is up and thinking of food, and then my soul retracts by saying ‘I had a snack just a minute ago’ . The heart and mind get stuck in this unending dilemma in which the mind keeps winning. Food…food…and more food. Next thing I see I’m way heavier than I was, I had put on extra kilos.

I’m displeased with myself. I was comfortable with my previous weight, content with the body I had 2 months ago. But then that was long gone.

So what’s the worst that could happen now that I’m more than kilos heavier?

1. Closet don’t want to be friends no more

I couldn’t fit in most of my clothing. My jeans are tighter. It literally takes ages to push up one leg and the other so I could actually fit. My long sleeves also don’t want stories with me, they just can’t fit. This leaves more and more room for a new wardrobe. Seems a very exciting prospect! Just not happening! That was never part of my budget.

2. You get worked up within a short period of time
Laziness has been haunting me for as long as I can remember, I do everything while seated, and in return I get tired quickly. And then I sleep a lot .

3. Mind will continue winning
The mind is never supposed to be winning… Not in this case ever. The more I continue my inactive life, the more closely to becoming the world’s worst couch potato.

So today I’m sitting up, watching ‘Idols SA’ regarding myself critically for what I have become. Shame on me. My holiday went on so long. All I have been doing is sit in front of the computer, or else read a good book and embrace the kitchen. This was my winter effect. But then I knew deep down that wasn’t my best lifestyle. This wasn’t me and it has to change.

I was up and down looking for motivational channels, perhaps I needed motivation to just hook me up? This was the other week, and so it passed. I realised motivation cannot work on me if I’m not accepting it. Even if it was way too much motivation this wouldn’t work if I’m not ready to act.

Today I’m making a promise to you and myself that I will be working on the future me. I’m sure to update you on this as weeks go by.

I guess the lesson here is that sometimes we tend to be too comfortable that we forget about our future. When you go wrong and realise it, it’s never too late to work on yourself, you can shape YOU into who you want to be. Only you can do it.

Believe it. Live it. Be your own kind of beautiful


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