Quotes: I’ll Be Seeing You, Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan

In my last post entitled ‘‘Currently’’ I mentioned that I was presently reading ‘I’ll be Seeing You’ by Suzanne Hayes & Loretta Nyhan (affiliate link:Amazon).    

I will share with you a few extracts gleaned from the novel which have impressed themselves upon me. 

I’ll be Seeing You focuses on Gloria Whitehall, a 23 year-old married woman who writes to 41 year-old Rita Vincenzo.  The two lady’s husbands were sent off to war in 1943 and this war torn loss is what they had in common and what becomes the basis of their relationship embedded within the narrative. 

 The whole novel is composed of the correspondence between Rita and Gloria as they kept their friendship alive even though they never actually met in person.  Their letters kept the hope alive that someday their husbands would come back home and they will finally be meeting each other as they developed an unbelievable sisterhood.

Here are quotes from I’ll be Seeing You:

  1. “It’s our responsibility as human beings to never lose our curiosity”

Curiosity killed the cat right? But I bet it will never kill a person 🙂 it’s okay to probe, it’s okay to be inquisitive.  We learn and know more as we feed our curiosity.  Don’t turn out bad by being overly curious, otherwise trouble may come! The question ‘why’ is eternal, the answer begets ever more questions. 


  1. “Our actions speak truths words cannot”

As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. What we do as people is as much of a concern than what comes out of our mouth.  At times our actions contradict what we are actually saying.  Do not ever let words fool you, unless you act on them. The hypocrite is the actor whose words always contradict his actions. 


  1. “Passion only lasts if it’s married to the truth”

The ardent affection can only continue in time if there is verity within it.  That relationship, that job will last you as only long as you are honest all the way.


  1. “When you feel weak, think about the agreements you made with yourself about how to live an honorable life”

Sometimes you feel like giving up, or rather take shortcuts, going the wrong way thinking you will gain the future, but then you will have to reflect on what inspired you to do good things you did.  Think positively.


  1. “Our bodies do things that our minds don’t need to take notice of”

Sometimes we should do things without bothering the mind, without contemplating, without stressing out! At times it’s just better we live in the moment without wondering.


  1. “Sometimes the parts of us that we don’t like are useful”

The attributes we possess and are literally not fond of could just be the best gift ever and of great importance.


  1. “A woman needs to be as independent as she can be or else the world will use her skirts as a handkerchief and then toss her in the garbage”

A woman has to build herself, she has to outgrow herself at all costs otherwise people would rather take advantage of her innocence.  If you don’t handle yourself as a woman, the world will handle you!


  1. “When the body is not working so well, it’s key to keep the mind moving”

Pretty clear.  No matter how weak we could be, we should never shut down the mind.  Let the mind unravel, let the mind wonder, and most of all, let the mind find solutions! It might just make the body toil.


  1. “We cannot control what happens to us, only how we react to it”

It’s inevitable to seek to control what’s to come, but then it’s part of our duty to handle what comes in a way that benefits us.


  1. “Marriage is about loving someone enough to accept whatever comes”

When you marry that girl, when you say yes to that boy, be sure you have learnt them enough to put up with their baggage, their bullshit, and their imperfections.  Find every bit of them tolerable.


These are my interpretations on the quotes, not the author’s, taken from ‘I’ll be Seeing You’. 

 I hope you can learn much from these as I did!

You will have different interpretations of the quotes, please contribute through the comment section below.

Till then…



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