You are Stronger Than You Know

A lady grew up in a small town in the Northern part of Namibia, Ongwediva is that small town.  That woman was limited in her choices in that society, but in her favour she had a boundless imagination.

This girl raised with parents, school mates and the majority looking down on her.  With her she had a note book which she had stolen from school to pen her poems and short stories. “That crap is never taking you anywhere”, her Daddy told her as he slashes her favourite note into shreds.  She dries her tears as she walks away from the alleged best dad ever.  

Not anyone can interpret her state of mind. She let everyone have their way with her, take advantage of her. She only smiled, then walked away.  Home wasn’t her favourite dwelling place, nor school because bullies had their way everywhere.  Childhood had never been pleasurable as everyone presumes.

Actually, she had no one to talk to, she got pressure at home to be perfect, but she never reached perfection, though she tried.  Believe me that was never enough, they looked down on her, she succeeded in school but that wasn’t ever enough.  Never would she hear, “Oh daughter, what wonderful job you did!”  When she passed her 10th and 12th grade they shouted, “Other children are getting better grades but you bring these crappy results!” She smiles and walks away.  

They still couldn’t comprehend her feelings.  She grew up not knowing her mother, and with an ignorant father who didn’t want to know her either, she would say she was adopted but she looks just like the spitting image of them both.  

They gave birth to her without knowing what she was like or who she really was, what her interests were. They had her without knowing she loved writing, that she loved to talk. But there would be no talking, and she wrote less and less, and as a result they took the most part of her confidence.  

This brave woman wanted to go far away from them, they have been choosing her career path, but she was confused.  They could never understand her.  She has been grateful for that one thing, God. He gave her strength and life, with a strong heart she withstood even the very criticism haunting her and stubbornly, she smiled through the crying and the pain.  

She hid those tears and started over. And they hated her for trying to be happy, trying to make her own choices in every single thing she does. In their hatred they turned their backs on her when she needed them most.  

“Communication and Media Studies will never take you anywhere! ’’

“You could be driving by now if you didn’t choose that awful career! ”

“Other kids your age are more successful than you! ”

“You are useless!”

“You are just a waste product!”

She grew up and never wanted to be controlled in whatever steps to take. But they loathed her, and left her to suffer with her awful course they said. They said she disrespected elders, simply because she chose by herself what to become, because she wanted to follow her own path.

She is strong because she handled her parents’ rejection and much more, she handled herself to become who she is today. A woman who doesn’t let anyone manipulate her regardless of her status and what she has or doesn’t have.  She deals with her own problems, and she fights her own battles.

Today she has a blog that no one can ever take away from her, she writes to make herself better, she writes fire healing, she writes to improve herself, she writes to influence others, she writes because writing is who she is!

She is Lady Twiiti, and she is not afraid to fight even if the whole world is against her.


24 thoughts on “You are Stronger Than You Know

  1. You are really a strong lady. Your story is really touching and you are such a wonderful writer. It makes me happy to know that you face all the criticism, fought all the odds but never left writing.
    Keep inspiring

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  2. What a wonderful post, although it is sad to think about what you have overcome. I am glad that you have the perspective to realize it has made you into the person you are today, strong and beautiful.

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