I saw you on TV

Adored you instantly

Hankering to lay eyes on you

Hungry hands on you? 

To hear the power 

Of your voice 

Oh YES, I was there 

And you were hot

And so was I

Black suited, hated your hair

Loathed that cigarette in your lips 

That broke the deal 

Mine on yours

But your pleasant persona

Redeemed my amor

Your voice awoke

Something strong in me

Your audience awaits you, but I alone, 

I await you, majesty

Your voice ravishes me 

Your mindful imagination 

You hold me in the power

Of being with you, 

But is loyalty in your DNA? 

Are you as loyal 

In your nature 

As the power I feel 

In your beating heart

And our heated after glow? 

Is your heart as pure for me

 As your moving of this, my frail

 Pure, girlish frame? 

As you know me completely in our loving

I hardly know you, my love, in any way

You are unknowable

You stranger in my misty eyes

Though I could draw 

Every part of you 

In my fevered imaginations 

She blushes as you shake her hand

Trembling, crumbling

Wanting and wanton

Glad you even remembered her name

© Lady Twiiti 2017


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