In 3rd grade, Liz and the other kids would laugh at me whenever I pronounced the word “CHOCOLATE”.  These kids would be up in my face teasing me for being such a fool and not being able to speak fluently.  English has never been a problem to me exactly, I was the best in class in diction, but that CHOCOLATE word always brought me problems at school.

Ms. Cecilia our class teacher would praise me for how good I could read and write.  Nevertheless, this was different for my classmates who already hated me because of my chubby body; now that I just mispronounced one word, I was the butt of ALL the jokes in class.  I had no friends to be on my side when they all attacked me.


I couldn’t tell anyone about my problems even at home because I already had that situation with my stepmother.  Now that’s 2 situations already being handled by one small 8-year old girl!  Let me just wrap it up for you; I was bullied and tormented both at home and at school. 

That has been the case of my life, bullied until 12th grade.  In grade 9, a boy called Edwin would tell my classmates that I must have been born early because I looked so much bigger than them. I have been the laughing stock of the kids in my class.  I had a thick body from birth, I wouldn’t eat as much but people still reckoned I was a dish killer. I still had no friends, unless they wanted help in academic schoolwork.

Can you imagine what these bullies did to me?

I couldn’t defend myself, I lost my self-confidence (Did I even have any, anyhow?), My self-esteem dropped, I suffered from depression because I have been on mute every time these bullies tormented me.

 My class concentration decreased because I was existing in a living hell each day of my life. As I woke up each day, I didn’t have a good choice open to me. Could I stay home, or just elope to school?  Which was better you may think? None.  I had to put up with every cruelty that life offered me every day. 

I can tell you that most of my life I have been busy bringing up myself, I have raised myself to the person I have become today. I don’t want you to pity my past situation, because it is PAST!  Having to enrol myself in the Bachelor of Communication programme at university made me educe or let me say RETRIEVE the person whom I have been hiding all these years. The stronger, brave, confident Twiiti that have been lost in life’s daily tortures.

I have been bullied until I started to hate my own life.  My course taught me how to pick up myself after I have been let down, how to stand up for myself against whosoever will bully me in the future.

If you are reading this and you don’t get bullied, it may well be that someone you know is being bullied, OR is it that you yourself are a bully?  Always trying to make other people look bad and making them hate their life? You should stop that crap!

So how do you stop that manipulating classmate, the dominating boss or the wicked stepmother at home?

  • Walk away – There’s nothing better that will lessen the bully’s power than just to walk away. Give him your back; he should have a life to mind!


  • Unfriend or Block them on Social Media – Cyberbullying is getting frustrating these days, it will be better for you to stop connecting on social media, keep a distance and never let it get to you.


  •  Speak Up – If the 2 suggestions do not work well in your favour, be sure to man or woman up and talk about it.  Communicate with the bully and tell him to back off! This should not turn to a fight, talk to someone to talk to the bully if things are heating up, the Lord told us to turn the other cheek but NOT become a doormat!

Tell your boss that you are there to do your job, not to be yelled at and pushed around! Let that colleague of yours chill and disabuse himself of his power over you, and tell everybody at home not to ruin your life but to get one of their own!

 Just stand up for yourself, it’s better than doing nothing and suffering in silence, you cannot hate your life because of one people who couldn’t find what to do with their own. You may learn to love the taste of chocolate but don’t let it be bitter sweet for you.



©Lady Twiiti 2017



  1. Thanks for your inspiring words. And…lots of ways to pronounce “chocolate.” Here, in Brooklyn, New York, a lot of us pronounce it CHAWWW-KLET. My mother, who is British, pronounces it CHOH-KLIT. And maybe you know this song from this play and movie, MY FAIR LADY. Lots of interesting pronunciations here! Let’s judge people by their actions, not their accents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much. It all make sense now. People are bound to judge others when they have little knowledge. And what i picked up is that when somebody pronounce a word differently, it’s because they first learned it through reading, and reading on it’s own it’s impressive and educational. Thank you for your additions, and for reading ☺


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