Culture is Never Outdated

I still remember the time I had to relocate to Windhoek.  A 17 year-old girl with dreams of finally living in the city.  I was so excited as I thought I had been missing out on a lot, as people say the city is full of opportunities.

“A young minded girl that grew up in a small town was now going to be a city gyal”, I thought to myself as I have been preparing my luggage.

 My God, I wanted to look good for the city as I prepared for university life which was the main call to the city.  I still remember the ponytail my friend had plaited me (for the first time) apparently to look good for the city one needs a ponytail.  How I loved the idea of the city!

Who could ever know this is how city life was going to be?  In my dreams, city life was the other side of heaven (just on Earth), It was an extension of a small town I had grown up in.  Smh… such good thoughts for the young lady ey 🙂

City life didn’t turn out as I expected you guys, I swear I lost weight the first month of my stay in Windhoek.  When I returned home for the semester break I had everyone in havoc, they thought that I had been taken ill!

My first impression of the city had impacted me deeply, I recalled a lot more negativity than positivity, city people were rude, careless and most of all, people seem to lose their cultural values in the city.

By then I recalled how excited I was for the city, and then I had to flashback in my memory and face a new reality.  As a Wambo lady I always respected most of the traditional/cultural values imposed on the tribe.  I can tell you about a few examples.

By cultural values I mean the way in which people of a certain tradition should behave.  And then I had a shock when I have to swallow the blade and accept that culture in the city does not matter, it is defeated by the city.

Have you gone to any mall with your friends and had somebody out of nowhere just forces a space between you guys to pass?  Such behaviour being displayed by one of our own native Wambo people who even grew up in the North, I was shocked by what this Wambo girl found in the city.

So I had to let this pass.  Have you noticed that some people do not even know the difference between elders and themselves?  You would be surprised like me if you see your fellow greeting an adult in such disrespectful ways.   They would be walking and minding their business.  Little do they know that person could be their parent.

 Aren’t you convinced that culture doesn’t exist in the city yet? I have picked up one more thing that some typical Vambos (like me of course) tend to be ashamed of their own language. They would be rolling their Brazilians and trying by any means to polish that English and neglecting their Kwanyama dialect.  Do you know some even deny that their vambos?   Believe me when I say city life is confused life!

Coming to the city had to enlighten me, and yes I’m thankful I had to see the bigger picture.  But hey! Tradition and culture will never get out of fashion.  One thing for certain is that you can take me out of Endola, but you can never take Endola out of me.

 Culture is important, we need our roots, let us not phase culture out, our children need to know the culture, it’s an essential, it’s something we need to keep in us thru the generations. If we lose our culture do we somehow lose our selves?

I’m out.

©Lady Twiiti 2017



13 thoughts on “Culture is Never Outdated

  1. I really enjoyed your words straight to fellow youngs Namibia’s girls and boys. I wish them to read this and see which lope they wanna pull till to end. Namibian youth let’s respect our culture, and value our tranditional. God created us already. Us we Ovawambo with short noise,hair and black skin. You will never become white skin. (You will sign on the water)

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  2. Great to know about you and I am totally agree with you . One should be proud of his her or culture. A society without culture has no value. There will be no relations and no understanding of each other.

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  3. Quiet a great confession and personal perspective. Communication is really educational. Continue informing your readers on topics of interest and debate like this one. There are always two sides to a coin. Culture wise, we have conservatives and liberals.Conservatives are keen on keeping the status quo while liberals want to move with the times or time will stroll on without them. In keeping culture, conservatives face the danger of missing out on the dynamism culture brings. On the other hand liberals true to your word get lost in the ever changing storms of city life. We have to strike the balance of keeping our identity and adapting to a world which is fast turning into one confused village like the biblical “Tower of Babel” . The cracks of change are spreading and widening and people are sinking into the quicksand of cultural dilution. It takes guts to remain standing. Make a resolve to be the remnant.Generations to come will always be grateful to you for never allowing your identity to disappear into oblivion. We have this sacred privilege called “choice”, it’s always up to you. Remain standing, sink or swim .I pen off.

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  4. Wow, what a great piece of writing and very enlightening. I didn’t know this side of you, thanks for sharing this with me. Keep on doing the great work of sharing your reflections and thereby generate debate which is good for all of us.

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