Media versus Women


Allow me to show my disappointment on how the media defines a woman in today’s  society.  

Being exposed to various adverts, films and magazines, I can’t help but get a picture of how a woman is being depicted.  A woman, who may command the image for many of a good, sweet loving and brave soul has been tarnished to become  nothing but an object, a sex object in particular, a trophy, something that you can win and most importantly a joke, something to entertain men at all costs.

I  must admit that the media has corrupted  the given definition of Woman.  One brave man’s conviction once compelled him to define a woman as the mother of humanity, the beautiful and equal partner with man and not inferior to men as portrayed by today’s sexist world.  Are you with this brave man or with media’s characterisation of Woman?

Did you ever listen to Runtown’s Mad Over You? Who wouldn’t listen to the rhythm and the beats of pure art? I am a fan of music, it soothes one’s soul.  Recently on a Saturday I relaxed to watch music videos of several artists on TRACE. 

My unavoidable conclusion was that there is today so much sexualized exposure of women, so much nudity, so much misuse, so much absurdity!  

Nothing is hidden, you could see every dimension of a woman.  Chances are slim that you could find a video of a properly dressed woman (unless it’s a gospel music video,  perhaps, although these days who knows… ).  A fully dressed man is showing in a video with a naked woman. 

Your 5 year-old daughter is exposed to these random videos of good music, what will that teach her? Her exact position in our male dominated mulish society:

 “A woman must please the man, preferably in a recumbent position, she doesn’t need garments or a sweet soul to attract and keep her Mr Right, she should get attention with her boobs and bottom hanging out and she should stay like that”, says Boss Media.

Excuse me for my very long list of questions, but have you seen Cosmetics & Makeup commercials lately?  What do they tell about women? I can tell you two things:

1. Women are naturally not appealing until they put on some make up so that they become attractive to a man. Hold up media! We can flaunt it without your help!   Consequently, women turn to makeup to exemplify their beauty , the absurdity of gilding the Lilly as if nature needed a helping hand. 

2. Did you ever wonder why a woman’s views wouldn’t count much in a group of men?  Because the value of her has been downgraded. 

3. The enduring male inspired definition of what makes a woman attractive is that she should have a slim waistline, ample breasts and a big bottom, although a wise male elder  once told me ‘Gurl, ya know dat more than a handful is jus a waste!’ 

 If you barely meet these requirements, you are not a good example of a woman.  So what happens then?  By being exposed to the new truth, women become more unsure of themselves, unsure of their natural beauty they turn to cosmetic surgery and makeup to better themselves, to fit in and attract the opposite sex! 

Well, that was three things but I’m feeling generous today… 

Media what have you done to us? Beautiful God-given women don’t want to accept our God-given flaws!

The real business of Woman is now only to comply with the male desire and just airbrush our reality until it complies with yours?! 

Man, listen up! Just like you we are many and varied, we are all beautiful in our own way, we fit beautifully into God’s beautiful creation. 

Now, Man, you must get real and listen up to our reality…now take your manly media, go away and do some thinking! 

Instead of demeaning women we should be exceedingly grateful for the roles they play in society.  I’m concluding with my last thoughts that ladies should challenge the media and leave them in jeopardy.  

Try showing something natural, let us not fully fool them gentlemen, because we can flaunt it without make up, we can flaunt it without that big bottom! Let us show that beauty behind that foundation cream, behind the weaves sometimes, let us show we can be attractive even dressed properly.  

Let’s be our own kind of beautiful and beat the Media at its own game! 

 As the wise man once said, all cats look grey in the dark! 

©Lady Twiiti 2017





3 thoughts on “Media versus Women

  1. I love the article…the media does portray beauty in a certain way either slim, long legs and hair always on point or big but, small waist and big boobs and a we are way more than our looks

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