The moon and her

Last night she couldn't sleep; she couldn't sleep since the moon was missing from her sight. She often sleeps gazing at the moon while she lies in bed. Its past midnight but her eyes were livelier, and her inner core was speaking to her, just a little bit more, till the circle of light appears. … Continue reading The moon and her


dynamite moated by bleach

Beautiful, touching, deep poetry

A Wonderer's Heart

my happy is yellow
my sad is deep blue
my angry is blood red
my inspired is see-through
but unlike my words,
my moods are far from clear
my life is a high speed chase
and I feel chained to the rear

“STOP” I scream
a tear rolls down my cheek
i morph, becoming weak

yet each day I paint
my eyes bigger, my skin pretty
my smile present, my heart alive
i conceal my anger, blending it in
until there’s too much and it breaks,
my cover way too thin

a flame starts burning, a wildfire takes hold
alight for days until I’m left alone in the cold
“i need someone, I need anyone”
but they’ve left my ashy side
“who wants to be friends
with the electric current?” I cried

so I break into shards
tucked in bed much too tight
i sleep…

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Quotes: I’ll Be Seeing You, Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan

In my last post entitled ‘'Currently'’ I mentioned that I was presently reading ‘I’ll be Seeing You’ by Suzanne Hayes & Loretta Nyhan (affiliate link:Amazon).     I will share with you a few extracts gleaned from the novel which have impressed themselves upon me.  I’ll be Seeing You focuses on Gloria Whitehall, a 23 year-old … Continue reading Quotes: I’ll Be Seeing You, Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan